Saturday, February 04, 2006


I found an old GCSE project from (counts on fingers) oooh, about 12 years ago, that I thought I'd thrown away or burnt with the rest of my school art work. Some I sold, namely some sculptures and the final piece for my exam, but the rest I rather stupidly burnt during a fit of pique as I felt that I didn't need them anymore.

Anyway, my chosen design brief was to design a new visitor centre for Stonehenge. I had to also write about some of the customs/traditions associated with Stonehenge and produced some page illustrations as well as having to hand letter the whole bloody thing (we weren't allowed to do any part of the project on a computer - how times have changed). I would have used a Pilot drawing pen or similar, over an initial watercolour wash - possibly having drawn first in pencil.

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