Monday, September 17, 2007

Out of this world...

This freaky fellow is the Bajada Grande Entity and you can currently find a description of the encounter with it over at the fantastic Greetings Earthlings. Fustar was very kind enough to accept my offer of contributing some artwork to his blog. I'm working on some more entries so I'll upload them as soon as they go 'live' at GE.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Latest work

I've mentioned before how much I hate my camera. I really do need to get around to buying a new one. The quality of the following pics is well... pants!

For this painting, I began with the lettering. The sentence just popped into my head fairly randomly. I was bored and just fooling around with the paint and didn't quite know what I wanted to do with it until I put the brush to the canvas. As it was, I didn't sketch anything out at first, hence the jumbled composition. Inspired by my love of all things circus and carnival, I've yet to finish it - the monkey and elephant need more work doing to it and I need to sort out the flag, too. Acrylic, A3 canvas.

This is acrylic/mixed media - it's a recycled-from-my-hoard-of-junk shallow wooden box that I jazzed up with some acrylic. I then rubbed 'Goldfinger' - which gives the same effect as gilding but is much more economic - around the happy skeleton. I edged the box with gold braid, the circular dots are small mirrors which I dotted around the skelly, along with some Victorian-style rose cutouts which I also used on the top of the box.

I'll be attacking the floral cutouts with some homemade varnish (PVA glue with some sooper sekrit addition to it) for an 'aged' effect. Approx. 30cm by 10cm.

Again, acrylic with a rubbed-in, gold 'sunburst' effect around the skull: A5 canvas.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Hearts and Spades

I'm finally getting around to posting the final two Queens on here - Hearts and Spades. I completed them a few weeks ago and since then I have been working on some paintings. Two are complete (although I've got apply a varnish to one of them) and I'm still working on the larger of the three. I've also been turning my hand to embroidery while I was on holiday. It helped pass away the long journeys although I occasionally had to pull the needle from out of my nailbed - especially if we hit a pothole in the road - ouch! Hopefully, I shall be able post up some photos of the paintings and needlework tomorrow.