Thursday, January 17, 2008

More aliens

Further to an earlier post, Out of the World, here are a few more 'aliens'.

First up, the Belo Horizonte cyclops. Originally a pen and ink sketch that was then digitally coloured and edited:

Secondly, the Cuidad Valley alien 'twins'. The final illustration can be seen on Greetings Earthlings!.

Pages from the sketchbook

I'd been working on illustrating an excerpt from Paul Zindel's The Day It Rained Cockroaches for a university assignment. Below are some doodles from the sketchbook I submitted as part of my final work. While the final illustration (I created a doublepage spread that imitated a child's textbook or diary with various doodles and collage elements) couldn't be any more different from this early stage, I did use elements from it - namely the gorilla, the newspaper clipping and also the drawing of the man with monkey feet.

Above, a combination of marker pen background (I was in a fairly psychedelic-frame of mind), a digitally painted gorilla and a newspaper clipping courtesy of an online newspaper generator. All elements - including the alien and the clipping's headline - came from the excerpt.

This digitally-painted 'man with monkey feet' is - again - mentioned within the excerpt.


This drawing of Ritta-Christina's skeleton (conjoined twins, born in 1829) has been blogged over on Cabinet of Wonders. Below, the original that started off as a pen sketch before being digitally edited: