Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Sketchbook round-up

This is a pen sketch of a Parian ware bust of Dante Alighieri that currently resides next my armchair. I do the majority of my sketches or paintings in this chair. I usually have my handmade craft bag (I bought it at a fete, it's really a knit/crocheting bag but it's made out of quite funky purple retro material) at my feet - it's great in that I can keep and carry the majority of my sketchbooks, pens, pencils, brushes, cutting mat, watercolour pallette and all other sundries in it.

In front of my armchair is a small carved pedestal table that my uncle made back in the 60s. It's handy in that when I'm sat down it is lap height and I can comfortably rest my feet on the circular base.

I wasn't very successful with this scan (I am hopeless), as with the next image I've managed to cut off some of the page. My sketchbook is hardbound and not very flexible. This is just a page of random doodling while I'm watching (or rather listening to) TV. I've got a 'thing' about drawing fantastical birds at the moment.

Fine-liner and watercolour

This is a view of St Matthew's Church, Walsall from the top floor of the New Art Gallery. I was visiting the Cult Fiction exhibition and took a walk up onto the top floor to have a look around the Suzanne Treister/Hexen 2039 exhibit. I keep meaning to write the visit up.

Fine-liner and collage

Thursday, July 05, 2007


Some more images from my sketchbook, this time some cariacatures from the BBC2 prog, Rome. I've edited the layout from how they appear on the page just so I could scan them in.

Atia, Mark Antony and Veronius

You can discuss the programme over on Cabinet of Wonders.


Another page from my sketchbook, Jimmy the Cat: