Thursday, January 17, 2008

Pages from the sketchbook

I'd been working on illustrating an excerpt from Paul Zindel's The Day It Rained Cockroaches for a university assignment. Below are some doodles from the sketchbook I submitted as part of my final work. While the final illustration (I created a doublepage spread that imitated a child's textbook or diary with various doodles and collage elements) couldn't be any more different from this early stage, I did use elements from it - namely the gorilla, the newspaper clipping and also the drawing of the man with monkey feet.

Above, a combination of marker pen background (I was in a fairly psychedelic-frame of mind), a digitally painted gorilla and a newspaper clipping courtesy of an online newspaper generator. All elements - including the alien and the clipping's headline - came from the excerpt.

This digitally-painted 'man with monkey feet' is - again - mentioned within the excerpt.

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