Monday, January 22, 2007


This is a composite piccie for one of my modules where we dealt with Photoshop. I had my first evaluation feedback session today and I feel I scored quite a good mark for this module. We were given a brief to incorporate some of the previous Photoshop work we'd done on Identity (using photos of ourselves) into a piece about phobias. I may have blogged this before but I chose at random, Hagiophobia, and this is the final illustration.

My first roughs avoided Judeo-Christian imagery, I thought it may have been a bit cliche or predictible but I was nudged back towards looking at Christian art.

My thoughts around this illustration were that one aspect of religion that is seemingly scary, is stigmata and also the Virgin Marys that weep blood etc..

I used photos of myself, artwork from a Google search on Virgin Mary (we were all told to use Google Image search!!) and then digitally painted in the stigmata wounds and used photoshop to blend everything else in. You may notice I went a bit OTT with the lens flare.

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